Covid Requirements

Please know that because of the Covid Virus, we've had to change some of our Project Guidelines related to volunteering in-person at the store. These are outlined below:

All Volunteers Must Register Online
Everyone wanting to help us in-person at the store must submit a registration request online and have their request confirmed before coming. In years prior, we only required large groups to register, but now even individuals and groups of any size must register. This is so we can manage the total number of people in the store at any given time.

If you are registering a group, you will be required to provide all of the names of the volunteers in your group before you can submit your registration request.
(Note: The other individuals within the group do not register separately.)

See all of the registration requirements and start the registration process by clicking the link below:

Volunteer Obligations
All volunteers who enter the Stocking Store must have a face mask, have their temperature taken at the door, and keep socially distanced from other volunteers.
Age Requirements
Because we must limit the number of volunteers allowed in the store at the same time, we are restricting the age limit of volunteers to 13 years of age or older. Unfortunately, no children under 13 years old may enter at all.
Chaperone requirements
Volunteers who are 13 to 17 years old must have an adult to chaperone them. Any Volunteer over 18 years old is very welcome to join with us when they have registered on-line.
for understanding the necessity for our new Guidelines and helping us to follow them for the safety of our Team Leaders and all Volunteers. We are all looking forward to having as much FUN as in previous years with just a few changes.