Stockings for Soldiers

Snowman Soup

Put all ingredients into a sandwich-sized ziplock bag:

1.  One packet of hot chocolate, must be sealed & not opened.
2.  Three chocolate Hersey kisses, wrapped & closed.
3.  One small, wrapped, candy cane, sealed & unopened.
 Several loose little marshmallows, placed inside the plastic bag by very clean hands.
5.  A copy of the "Snowman Soup" poem.

The poem is:

Snowman Soup

With freezing weather drawing near,

you'll need to warm the spirit.

So here's a little Snowman Soup,

Complete with stirring stick.

Add hot water, sip it slow,

It's sure to do the trick

To save time, put six copies of the poem on one page. Use a colorful font for

the poem and some cute graphics. Be sure to put your Group information

on the back of the poem, with your email address, so the Troops receiving

your boxes know where to send you a note.

Or click here for a sample