Stockings for Soldiers

Thank you's



Greetings from Afghanistan. Thank you so very much for your support. I appreciate the care packages

that you send to our Chaplain. The Soldiers enjoyed opening the packages on Christmas eve. For me, I

enjoyed seeing that the West Point Parents Club of Delaware and so many other organizations support

us. Personally, I graduated from USMA in 2003 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I know that

while I was a Cadet, I enjoyed the support that the WPPC provided the cadets. It is great to see the

support continue as USMA graduates serve their service in the Army. It was great to receive all the

goodies you sent as we have no way to purchase these items at our current location. Thanks again for

your support!

Regards, CPT Vanessa S.


Dear Judy Travis, Chief Elf-In-Charge,

We wanted to "Thank You" and all those involved in making the Christmas stocking for my husband Mark R. of the 108th

Civil Engineering Group out of McGuire AFB. It was extremely thoughtful of you to do that for him and I just wanted to let all

of you know that it means so much to us to know that there are so many people out there that care.

May you and all involved, including your families have a very blessed Christmas! Again, thank you!

Sincerely, Mark, Kathie, Douglas, Alexis, Daniel, Rachel and Anthony R.


Judy—Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in providing all of us stockings this Christmas. What an incredibly

sincere gesture. The work that you and those that were a part of this did for this unit will not be forgotten. The

Soldiers are so grateful for your support and generosity. I just wanted to let you know that you made so many

people realize how strongly those back home support what we all do over here.

Thank you so much and I hope that you and the rest of your elves have the Merriest Christmas!!

Keep Up the Fire! MAJ Stephen P. 4-9 IN (4/2 SBCT), JSS Nassir Wa Salam, Baghdad, Iraq


Mrs. Travis,

I just wanted to let you know I received your stocking for Christmas. I really liked it! I will use everything in it. There was

a Penguin Christmas card in the package. It was signed by a lady named Crystal. If you can; could you let her know I

appreciated the kind note. v/r Marvin D.



I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the holiday stocking that I just received. It really means a lot to me,

and I'm sure, to everyone I work with, to get something like this when we're away from our families and friends. I hope you

have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for helping brighten up mine.

Sincerely, SSG Chris B.


We did enjoy everything and we even hung up the stockings in our shack to decorate the walls a bit. It give the shack a

holiday look.

" A man's dreams are an index to his greatness."

Sgt. M.


Hey, my name is SGT Chambers I am in Delaware 1-501 ABN INF. I just wanted to say thanks for all the gifts

you guys sent us and the stocking were great. It is hard enough being away from our families and you guys doing

things like sending us stockings make it a little easier to get through the holidays. We appreciate everything you

guys have done. We got a good laugh at the letters and all the questions. I can’t answer them all but I can answer a


I am a SGT. I have been in the ARMY for 4 years and my job is talking to all the aircraft for first platoon

Delaware. I also act as an observer for fire support assets which is all the big guns that get shot from miles away. I

am from Nashville, Tennessee. My hobbies are snowboarding, anything outdoors. I work with all the infantry

guys. My platoon is one of the best I have ever worked with. I am going to e-mail a couple of platoon pictures too.

I really don’t have a lot of time to write but I did want to say thanks for all you guys do and if you guys ever need

anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I know the rest of the guys would write and tell you thanks as well but like I said,

we are very busy and the internet is very slow here. So thanks from all of us from 1st platoon Delaware Company

for everything. ---SGT Chambers U.S. ARMY


image001 image002  


These are our apple boxes….

As we closeout 2009 and set the conditions for a successful 2010, CPT K. and I would like to take a moment to thank all of

you for the overwhelming support through the holiday season! Care packages were literally delivered by the truckload in

the weeks preceding Christmas and the flow continued well into the New Year. In addition to individual packages from

family, we also received gifts, letters of encouragement, and morale boosters from multiple organizations. Each Soldier in

the company received a Christmas stocking and more candy than the human body should be able to handle! Thank you all

for the overwhelming support, it was definitely appreciated.

From: 1-38th IN in Iraq


Dear Judy, (Chief Elf in Charge)

I, as well as dozens of my fellow NCO's, Officers and Airman received your hand made Christmas Stockings

approx. three weeks ago. In the fury of getting things done and arranged for our pending overseas departure I didn't get the

chance to sit down and open it up until this evening.

The thought that went into selecting the assortment of items, the work and creative features of the stocking itself in my

opinion are awesome and all the organizations involved should be very proud of what they are doing for the men and women

of today's military.

I have been on two previous deployments to the Middle Eastern theatre since 9/11. I received the benefit of morale

boosting packages such as yours and shared the gifts with others making it a more tolerable tour for all.

The work you, West Point Parents Club of Delaware the Delaware Area Rotarians and the Girl Scouts of Chesapeak Bay

Council are very much appreciated.

Thank you all for your service!

MSgt. David V.

108 AW/CES - NJANG - McGuire AFB, NJ.


To Proud Americans of Delaware & Penn,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the packages you sent for me and my soldiers. Most of my

platoon will spend the holidays on surrounding FOB’s (Forward Operating Bases) near Kandahar, so things like

cards, dice and candy will make their day.

My platoon is called a POL platoon (petroleum, oils and lubricants). Our mission in Afghanistan is to run the

Army version of a gas station for helicopters, but instead of slushies, we serve Hellfire missles to the Taliban! Our

mission requires us to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’m proud of my platoon, as my soldiers embody the

values of 82nd Airborne Troopers! I tell them this all the time, but when perfect strangers let them know how much

they are valued, it really hits home.

Thank you for taking time out of your day, especially during the holidays when time with family is traditionally

put on a premium, to thank a few dusty, dirty soldiers in Afghanistan.

All the way!! Merry Christmas - 1LT. Rachel P., POL Platoon Leader, 82nd CAB


Dear Fellow Americans,

MSG Patrick Y. recently presented me with a Christmas stocking filled with generosity from all of you. I just wanted to take a

moment to thank each of you on behalf of the other Paratroopers who received Christmas Stockings and for my own

stocking. As you know, the Christmas and New Year Holiday Season are especially tough times for our younger Soldiers to

be away from family and friends. Your patriotism, kindness and care helped make the holidays a bit brighter for our

Paratroopers here in western Afghanistan.

I have attached a photo of some of the Paratroopers who received stockings from you and of the area we are working in.

Happy New Year!

Fury From the Sky! COL Dave G. 4/2 82 ABN

image004    image005


Judy --- Just wanted to say thanks for my stocking…I’ve been munching on all the goodies for some time and

greatly appreciate the hand-made stocking. Anyway, thanks again for what you are doing. V/R ML

LTC Michael L., IN, Cdr, 2-23 IN (SBCT), "TOMAHAWKS"



When I came back from dinner there were 10 more boxes waiting for me outside my door—our training room has been

sorting through and distributing all the stockings throughout today—we all agree, you definitely went all out! I’ve been taking

some pictures myself and have asked our Battalions to take them as well as the boxes arrive. I know we’re still missing a few

boxes so I’m sure they are as well. You can rest assured that you’ve made many a Soldier’s Christmas that much merrier—

we’re blessed to have been part of your outreach. Soon as I compile the pictures taken around the Brigade I’ll send them

your way.

Thanks again! Very Respectfully, Capt. Katelin A.


Dear Mrs. T.,

The company got the stockings on Thursday. They were a big hit... the 1SG had a company formation and passed them out

by name. It was pretty cool. I appreciated mine, and when we finally get a minute SSG Longacre and I will distribute the

PLT boxes you guys sent to our guys. Lt. Jon M.


Hello Judy

I am a member of the 108th Air Refueling Wing stationed at McGuire Air force base in NJ and just received a stocking full of

goodies . I just wanted to personally thank you for sending that up to us . It’s nice to know that people appreciate our military service.

Best wishes to you and all your family members during this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year

Yours truly, Mike B.


Dear Judy Travis and Stockings For Soldiers - Delaware,

I wanted to take the time to send a heartfelt Thank You for your generosity and selfless service during this holiday season.

My Soldiers greatly appreciated the stockings that you sent. Most of my Soldiers are under the age of 25 and this is their first

time away from home. For this reason, this holiday season has been a little rough. Your simple act of kindness brighten

up the day of my entire Company. Again... Thank You! And Happy Holidays, CPT Krystyl W. AG 912th HRC XO



I saw the message that 1SG P. sent you and cannot help but echo the same sentiment. 1SG was correct and has a lot of

experience. We greatly appreciate the kind thoughts and gifts that you sent. Those gifts and well wishes will make our

Christmas party really memorable. I'd like to send you some pictures of the party, so that you can see the faces of the

soldiers that you have touched. Thanks again.

PS: Aimee, below is Mrs. Travis' project. They sent every fierce soldier a personalized stocking.

Between you and the FRG support coupled with the Stocking for Soldiers support, we are truly blessed.

Happy Holidays, Victor R.


My son Lt. Joseph S. in Ar Rutbah Iraq was so proud to pass out 38 of your gorgeous stockings to his Platoon 82nd Airborne

out of Ft. Bragg NC. Thank you in advance of Joseph thanking you!

May God Bless you and all of your volunteers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Maureen S.


Hey!! My name is SPC. Victoria L. and I'm serving over here in Iraq. I am 21 years old and I miss home very much!! On

behalf of my fellow battle buddies of 4TH BDE 2ID out of Fort Lewis, Washington, I just wanted to say thank you very much

for the "home like" stockings we got from you!! It is not fun being over here during the holidays and to be honest, it is very

depressing for a lot of us. But we stick together and with the support from each other and our friends, family and CLEARLY

strangers =) back in the USA, we get through it. But thanks again and we all hope you had a great Christmas!! I'm from the

northeast myself, so I'm sure you had plenty of snow =) But if you ever would like pictures of us over her, I will be glad to

send you guys some!!! Take care and thank you!!!

SPC. Victoria L.


Dear Ms. Travis (i.e. "Chief Elf-in-Charge"),

Hello and Merry Christmas! My name is 1LT Kristen J. and I am currently deployed with the 4/2 Stryker Brigade just outside

of Baghdad in Iraq.

My Soldiers and I received the stockings that you and your fellow organizations compiled for us, and I just wanted to let you

know how much we all appreciated that. It is a different kind of Christmas being away from our families and loved ones, but

we undoubtedly feel that we are being supported by Americans back home and your gift of a personalized Christmas

stocking was a very palpable reminder of that support.

We will be enjoying the treats and supplies from the stockings for a long time to come. Today is Christmas and so far the

mood here is light, the chow hall is over-the-top decorated in red/white/green with a big holiday meal planned, and there are

free phone calls home available for every Soldier. We are really coming together as a military family to support each other

and to share some joy on this festive occasion.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Thanks again for all you do.

Very respectfully, 1LT Kristen J., 472D SIG CO, 4/2 SBCT




On behalf of the soldiers here on FOB Dagger we would like to thank you very much for the wonderful stockings. They were

all very excited to see their names on their own stockings and enjoyed all the little gifts and treats inside. We just finished up

with Christmas dinner here and now we're all gathered around the TV watching the Christmas Story :) Yep even here in Iraq

we watch it too. I'm sure it's all over the TV there in the states :) Although we are away from our families and everyone

would much rather be home spending the Holidays, I can assure you the soldiers wouldn't want to be anywhere else with

who they're with knowing the great and hard work they are doing here trying to restablize Iraq. Once again thank you very

much and please send my thanks to the Girl Scouts, Rotary Clubs, West Point Parents Club of Delaware and everyone else

there in Wilmington, Delaware. Please feel free to write back anytime you would like or send the troops care packages.

Thank you very much for all your support.



To Mrs. Judy Travis and the many Contributors to the Stockings For Soldiers:

Our utmost gratitude and thanks for the INCREDIBLE generosity and thoughtfulness you have shown! We

LOVED the stockings and your gifts were so abundant, we were able to share some of the hats, blankets and good

will with very deserving Iraqi women and children in our medical civil-military missions! Your compassion is

changing the world over Thank you and God Bless you all for allowing us to serve and continue on each day.

Very Respectfully,

Capt. Mary N. and the Officers and Soldiers of the Brigade Support Medical Company


Dear Judy T and all you “Elves”,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of the soldiers in our Battalion. You were an important part in ensuring

they had a very Merry Christmas. We combined gifts from several organizations and friends and made up

gift bags/stockings of candy, snacks, magazines, Christmas cards, cameras, (your phone cards were a big

hit) ornaments and a myriad of other “goodies”. We passed these out Christmas Day.

When our Soldiers go out on missions I usually pray for them and I always remind them of why we are here.

I remind them that there are many back in America, who are very thankful for their sacrifice, service and


So when our Soldiers accepted these gifts, they had a physical, tangible, reminder that many, many in

America love them, pray for them and remember them during the Holiday Season.

image006    image007

Here is a picture of one of the locations that we decorated. It is one of the places that our Soldiers are doing

combat patrols from in Iraq. Once we received your gifts, we re-packaged and moved them to 5 different

locations throughout Baghdad.

On behalf of 400+ Soldiers I want to personally say; “Thank You”. Your dedication and heartfelt

commitment to our Soldiers was a huge morale booster during the Holiday Season.

Blessings, Chaplain Hughes FA, Camp Liberty, Iraq


To Mrs. Travis,

Thank you so much for the wonderful stockings and tons of goodies, here are some pictures.

Sincerely, 1LT Scott C. EN Platoon Leader



Hello Judy,

I wanted to write you a Thank You for the boxes. We are in Qatar, right now, and I can assure you the items in the stockings

have been used. The stockings for soldiers program was a blessing for the 108th Civil Engineers. Everyone loved the

stockings, which were given out at our Deployment/Holiday party. Your volunteers and yourself, made the party very special

and many family members of the deployed were brought to tears when I read your letter and let them know how our

communication started.

Thank You So Much,

TSGT Dan S. Camp Sather Baghdad)


Andrea J. & troops at the Baghdad Sandbox Movie Theater:




Thank you very much for the Stocking I received. Please let my new friend Jake know that I appreciate

his card too. I don't consider myself a Hero, just a guy that does a job, I am glad for all the support

your organizations bring to my Soldiers and to myself.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year is good to all of you.

SGm O.

HHC, 4 BCT Herat, Afghanistan.



Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort y'all put into

getting the gifts out to us these past few weeks. Most of our boys didn't receive anything from anyone

else and were glad to have received what y'all were able to send. They were a huge hit. Thanks again

and regards.

SPC Preston S.

US Army


Dear Mrs. Travis,

On behalf of myself and my men I would like to thank you for your part of getting stockings for us out here in Iraq! It has

helped raise morale and put smiles on faces this holiday season! Thank you again! Also attached is a photo of my platoon in

front of one of our Stryker Vehicles. I am in the elf hat in the middle!!

Respectfully, Blake S.

"Don't be afraid your life will end, be afraid it will never begin!"



Dear Judy,

Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple photos of your hard work! Scott received the boxes of stockings a couple weeks

before Christmas and held them in his quarters. Returning to Camp Taji on Christmas Day after a 4-day patrol with his

platoon, he surprised his men with a tree (don't you love the tree trimmings...cigars, cigarettes, chew, energy drinks and

machine-gun bullets!) and all the stockings underneath. His First Sergeant had received a Santa suit from his wife, so each

soldier received their stocking from Santa. (That's our son, Scott, on Santa's lap)

God bless these heroes and their sacrifices. In a dark corner of the world, the hard work and effort by all the Stocking for

Soldiers volunteers made their day a little brighter.

Bill & Barb H., Wilmington, Delaware

image010    image011



I just wanted to take a second to thank you and let you know your care packages made it to us in Baghdad, Iraq and

your generosity has touched our hearts. It is amazing to know that so many people we don't even know care about

us. We hang up all the letters we get on the wall in the compound with the pictures you send. I've sent some

pictures for you. My husband and I are deployed here together. We can't live together, but we're next door

neighbors. I've included what our sleeping quarters look like, and what our Christmas tree looked like this year.

Thank you again for reminding us why we are here. It gets difficult sometimes and your letters keep us going. You

are truly great Americans and may God bless you all.


SSgt Laura M., USAF   




I wish u a happy New Year. Thax for your support for US Army. I am Baziwe F. from FOB Normandy, near

Bakuba. I am very happy for your support.


Dear Judy

I was just forwarded a copy of your report for the Stockings for Soldiers program this year. As the Mother of a son

serving his second Christmas in Iraq, I have to thank you personally for founding and leading the Stockings for Soldiers


It was amazing to volunteer this year and be part of the most well run, organized and happy volunteer group I have ever

seen and there have been many over the years and in two countries!

Thank you doesn't seem enough, but I know you and all your teams rewards will be great.

Mrs. Mary F.


Hello… Hello… Stocking Supporters: THANK YOU, everyone, for helping us to send so much

love and support to our brave troops for the Christmas holidays. As you all know, we are not a

religious or political group. We are just a small dedicated group of appreciative US citizens who

want to make sure that our deployed troops know that they have not been forgotten. Have a

great summer and we’ll look forward to seeing you all in October. Keep Sewing and Knitting.

THANKS again,

Judy Travis, Project Coordinator,

Stockings For Soldiers – Delaware, Inc. 501.c.3 Tax ID # 27-0604668