Covid Requirements

In the absence of any forthcoming governmental restrictions, we plan on reverting back to our pre-Covid requirements as far as volunteers coming in-person to help us at our store.

As a refresher, these requirement are:

Only Groups of Seven or More Volunteers Need to Register
Last year, we required everyone to register in order to limit the number of volunteers within the store at any one time. Just as in years prior to Covid, individuals or families/groups of less than seven individuals are welcomed to come to the store to help us without needing to register.

Also, when registering a group of seven or more, the names of all of the volunteers within the group will not need to be provided.

See all of the registration requirements and start the registration process by clicking the link below:

Volunteer Obligations
We will not be checking temperatures or vaccination status, nor requiring masks or social distancing. Mask wearing is completely voluntary. Out of courtesy to others, if you feel ill, please refrain from coming to help us until you feel better.
If the relaxation of the Covid requirements of last year makes you hesitant about coming in person to help us, please consider helping us in other ways by visiting our How To Help page.